3 Fonteinen Kweepeer (season 21|22) Blend No. 51


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17/03/2022 | For this Kweepeer, we macerated quinces from different organic fields around Flanders. We put them for almost four months on young lambik and blended with some more jonge lambik before bottling. It is hard to put a correct fruit intensity level as the massive quinces give off their flavours and aromas but do not really get disintegrated into the lambik. We did macerate 50/50 quince and lambik. So quite intense nonetheless.

750ml 5,9%

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Gewicht 1,6 kg
Afmetingen 9 × 9 × 34 cm

– Lambic, – Zuur/Sour ale, Oak aged


Alcohol by volume(ABV)