A Saison Apparent


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A Saison Apparent! This blend has received the thorough Brettanomyces treatment. The Saison style originated near the border of Southern Belgium and Northern France as a farmhouse style beer with a low ABV% to serve the workers in the fields. Today, Saisons have evolved to be quite versatile in style, and substantially less sessionable. With the signature fruit esters and dry, hyper-attenuated finishing gravity from the diastaticus variant of the primary yeasts, it pours a rich copper to orange. The pairing of Saison with Brett is a hand-in-glove mating of dry, complex fruit with the earthy funk and deep flavours only a matured wild beer can achieve. Despite a tendency of wild yeasts to completely consume the resultant flavour profile of the primary yeast strains, we feel this blend achieves the balance of wild while preserving the traditional Saison character. We focused on an explicit lack of subtlety with this beer. Brettanomyces is undoubtedly the star of the show with esters playing the supporting role to round it out. As is our broader intention with all of our blends, we strive to showcase the fermentation characteristics above all else.

75cl – 7,4%

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Gewicht 1,6 kg
Afmetingen 9 × 9 × 34 cm


– Saison/Farmhouse

Alcohol by volume(ABV)