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Alm – Wild blonde ale with ‘forgotten herbs’.

A springtime hike in the mountains, descending into a fragrant alpine meadow with foggy patches, where herbs fill the air with fresh, floral scents. Cool, clean mountain air fills your lungs, everything around you breathes purity. In the valley you can hear the echo of a simpler life, close to nature, close to our hearts. Here we will find again what we lost.

Alm is a dry, mildly bitter beer with ‘forgotten herbs’, the kind that are rarely used nowadays. A pity, because they often have wonderful, faintly familiar aromas that we love to exhibit in our beers. Annual mugwort and southern wormwood give fresh, soft notes of citrus and young grass. Our wild house culture creates a classic Belgian saison character that pairs well with the clean biscuit maltiness of this beer.

[Batch #7: bottled on 5 FEB 2020]

33cl 5,5%

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