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Dwaal – Wild witbier with szechuan pepper and common hogweed seed.

In spring and summer we wander through the food forest, on small paths with overhanging trees. We smell blossoms, taste seed, learn about the seasons. A thorn branch gets stuck in a shirt, a foot glides in the mud. We tread carefully, because every plant, however small, serves a purpose here. There is no unwanted weed. It’s a place where nature reigns, with hardly any human interference. We never know beforehand what we can harvest, we simply go there and see what nature has to offer. The food forest teaches us to find, and not to search.

Dwaal was brewed with szechuan pepper and common hogweed from the food forest. The wheat we used was grown on the Doornik natuurakkers (natural farmland) near our brewery. Dwaal is a wild witbier with fresh, natural flavours that are reminiscent of citrus with a touch of grass and hay. Creamy and smooth like a witbier should be, with a hint of tartness. A refreshing aromatic beer that tastes best on a sunny day.

[Batch #2: bottled on 13 MAR 2020]

330ml 5,7%

Extra informatie

Gewicht 0.75 kg
Afmetingen 6 × 6 × 24 cm
Alcohol by volume(ABV)



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