Hard Graf


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Hard Graf is a collaboration with friends Hannah & Shane from Spontaneous Deuce.

A blend of L&L spontaneous fermentation beer with their Armagh Apple Juice blend of 50% Lord Lambourne, 20% Laxton Superb, 20% Katy & 10% of an unknown variety. This Graf cider blend co-fermented & evolved in neutral wine barrels for 18 months.

Notes of Rosemary, Sage, Dried Black Limes & a hint of smokey Mezcal. Truly unique & pleasantly weird! Bottled on 18th April 2021.

750ml 5,6%

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Gewicht 1,6 kg
Afmetingen 9 × 9 × 34 cm
Alcohol by volume(ABV)




– Cider, – Zuur/Sour ale, — Graff, Oak aged