More Complicated Than Your Girlfriend Stout


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Yes, you love her. But oh boy can she be difficult. But then again did you want her to be the boring mass produced lager type, the vanilla of girl friends? Of course not. Celebrating the intricacies of relationship we created this Stout, which has a lot going on. It is matured on Coffee beans, Cocoa nibs, Bourbon Vanilla beans & Tahitian Vanilla beans. Wow, that sounded tasty. To top that, it is aged on American Oak chips. This is a big beer loaded with dark roasted malts. Your mouth will be filled with coffee and chocolate flavours, supported by the warmth of vanilla. All is balanced by a good load of hops, which will bring this beer to a bitterness of 85 EBU which we hope is much higher than in your relationship. Cheers to her!
330ml 8%

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Gewicht 0,75 kg
Afmetingen 6 × 6 × 24 cm
Alcohol by volume(ABV)