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We got together with Sam, from London’s Boxcar Brewery, to brew a spontaneously fermented and barrel-aged take on their phenomenal Double Dark Mild. Old Dark Mild Marsala Cask is made from a blend of three beers, all produced in July 2021 using a double mash to add depth and body to the beer. The grist was made from British ale malt, roasted and crystalised speciality malts, and rolled oats. Two of the beers were fermented in Marsala wine casks, adding wonderful rich aromatics of tamarind, cooked stone-fruit, and vanilla. The third beer fermented in a Bordeaux red wine barrel, which produced a slightly drier, more acidic beer which worked wonderfully in cutting the overt sweetness of the Marsala cask beers, as well as increasing the aromatic perception of fresh red fruits.

8,0 %  –  75cl

1 per klant / 1 per customer


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Gewicht 1,6 kg
Afmetingen 9 × 9 × 34 cm
Alcohol by volume(ABV)