Poor Harry!


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This American IPA (6.6% ABV) is a tribute to Harry, our German teacher who has been heroically guiding us through the puzzling paths of the German language for the past months. Poor Harry, full of patience, has been listening to our dumb questions one after the other. We salute you Harry, and all the good teachers out there!

About this beer: You’ll first notice the beautiful hoppy aroma with citrus and floral notes. You’ll see its impressive red-golden colour and then you’ll feel the citrusy hops and a subtle malt presence, almost hidden with a bit of a cracker toasty flavour. It’s a really nice experience to savour this beer little by little with all your senses.
Hops : Centennial, Citra Lupomax and Loral

330ml  6,6%


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Afmetingen 7 × 7 × 12 cm
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– IPA, — West Coast IPA