Rabarber – 37,5cl


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Rhubarb has been so ubiquitous for so long in the low countries that you would forget it originates from the Asian steppes. Delicious in a scrumptious pie or compote, we think it pairs nicely with our lambic. The sweet and sour of the red stems, grown organically by ourselves, are chopped up unevenly and added as such to the lambic of at least one year old. Together they ferment on casks for about four more months, resulting in a sweet sour beer containing roughly 300 grams of rhubarb per liter of beer. A lovely trip down memory lane having rhubarb pie with grandma, straight in your glass.

375ml 5,5%

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Gewicht 1 kg
Afmetingen 7 × 7 × 27 cm
Alcohol by volume(ABV)




– Lambic, – Zuur/Sour ale, Rabarber