Zwarte Bes – 37,5cl


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Blackcurrant, well known for its use in cassis, match perfectly with lambic. A recurring theme in our fruit beers is matching a fruit that is both sweet and sour with lambic, to complement its distinct aroma and character. Because of the blackcurrant, this beer has a particular soft purple shine.

The berries are grown by ourselves, fully organic, and are added to the beer whole. As usual, the lambic is at least one year old. Together they ferment again for about four months on oaken barrels to create a beer with 125 grams of fruit per liter of beer. Another fermentation on the bottle yields a refreshing, sweet and sour finish filled with delicious blackcurrant aroma.

375ml 5,5%

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Gewicht 1 kg
Afmetingen 7 × 7 × 27 cm
Alcohol by volume(ABV)




– Lambic, – Zuur/Sour ale, Zwarte bes